Petchem supply chain training.

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, this training will help you skill up, skip the learning curve, and teach you how to develop resilient liquid bulk & chemical supply chains.

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Become an expert in the liquid bulk & chemical supply chain. Get premium if you want to study 100% online.

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Increase your knowledge in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain.

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Invest in your development and enhance your competitive edge.

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Take the fast track to learn everything you need to know for success.

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Study at your own pace, while new learning material is gradually released.

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Make use of expert-led on-demand videos, resources, and exercises.

I learned all of this the hard way over more than 25 years in the industry, but the beautiful part for you is that you don't need to spend so much time, money, and effort, and can learn it all now by simply following my petrochemical supply chain training. This training offers the ultimate roadmap to build a resilient liquid bulk & chemical supply chain.

How do you know if this training is a good fit for you?

Young Talent

You want to make a career in the liquid bulk & chemical supply chain.

You need a practical training that you can apply immediately.

You are hungry to move up the career ladder.

Traders & Commercial Staff

You are a trader, and also need to understand the liquid bulk & chemical supply chain.

You need to comprehend shipping and logistics to create a competive commercial advantage.

You need to align trading and logistics to avoid costly mistakes.

Supply Chain Professionals

You are involved in one segment of the industry, and need a better understanding of the whole supply chain.

You need to optimize your supply chain operations and create efficiencies.

You need to work closely with your commercial team to align commercial and supply chain activities.

See what's inside the course

Module 1


Introduction to petrochemicals, major petrochemicals, and their use in daily life.

Advantage of understadning petchem flows.

Spot versus term contracts, incoterms, terms a& conditions, pricing methodology, typical nomination procedures, and letter of credit.

Introduction to setting up a supply chain.

Commercial versus logistics contracts.

Module 2


Type of tankers, chemical parcel tankers, and introduction to Marpol & IBC Code.

Chartering, ship broking, charter party, COA, Spot, and Time Charters.

Vessel scheduling, ship agents, tank cleaning, voyage planning, and operations.

Laytime and demurrage.

Tanker risk assessment and vetting.

Market dynamics.

Module 3 (Bonus)


Introduction to the Bill of Lading.

Delivering against a letter of Indemnity (LOI).

Risks against delivering against a Bill of Lading.

Module 4


Type of tank terminals, services, and typical contract duration.

Basic tank design introduction, tank capacity, and terminal interfaces.

Tank terminal challenges, scheduling, and optimization.

The players, contracting, and revenue breakdown.

Terminal risk assessment and selection.

Market dynamics.

Module 5 (Bonus)


Introduction to product losses and where they come from.

Product losses at tank terminals.

Shortage claims against tanker vessels.

Product loss mitigation.

Module 6


Review of logistics services and introduction to container shipping.

Regulations and introduction to the IMDG Code.

The use of drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers.

The use of tank containers & flexitanks, including selection process, regulations, and market dynamics.

Module 7


Reducing shipping costs with commercial swaps.

Inventory management review.

Transport mode selection for your supply chain, reviewing lead times, transport cost, shipping volumes, demurrage, detention, and safety risks.

Strategy exercise to put it all together.

Module 9


Introduction to safety culture, safety managemetn systems, emergency response, and crisis communication.

Contingency planning and your plan B.

Making health, safety, envirnment, and qualtity (HSEQ) a top priority.



Congratulations! You will now have the skills and resources you need to take your career or business in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

New content is gradually released during the first month from the time of sign up. You can complete the training within one month, but you can study at your own pace.

How long can I access the course?

You will have access for the lifetime of the course. It means that you will have access for as long as we continue to run the training and service. You will have guaranteed access for at least one year after your enrollment.

Is there a live component to the course?

With our pro package you get a private virtual 2-hour Q&A session. You send me your questions related to the course in advance, and I will answer them during our online private session.

Is this a good fit for me?

If you are interested in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain, then yes!

Will this course teach me how to become a trader?

No, that is not the focus of our training. However, we share a lot of experience and tools that can help increase a trader’s performance.

What products do you cover?

We don’t cover specific products in our training. People involved in the liquid bulk supply chain of base chemicals, specialty chemicals, edible oils, and base oils, for example, can all benefit from this training.

What kind of material and equipment do I need?

You require a tablet, laptop, or computer, and a good internet connection. You should have access to viewing the internet, including social media platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, for example, as we use these services for streaming our videos and sharing external links.

Do you have a refund policy?

I have given you lots of information upfront for you to make a really good decision about if this is a good fit for you before you enroll into the course.  I guarantee you’ll have all the support, resources, and tools you’ll need, but I cannot guarantee you’ll actually use them, nor can I make a guarantee to your future success. Only you can do that! For these two reasons, I do not offer refunds on course enrollment fees.

your program trainer

Who is Rudi?

Rudi Stalmans is the founder of ener8 providing industry players with unique hands-on methods that gives you a scalable playbook to build resilient and sustainable supply chains in the liquid bulk and chemical industry.

In addition to being a coach, he is one of the sought-after advisors in the industry.

See what our awesome clients and students are saying…

"Rudi is an absolute pro and helped us establish our early supply chains in Asia Pac region!"
Rachel Brenc
Chief of Staff to the CEO, LANZATECH
"This training course covers all the aspects & practical knowledge of the petrochemical supply chain."
Le Nguyen
Sr. Analyst, Supply Chain Procurement, SABIC
"Rudi has a very wide scope of expertise from supply chain and shipping, to safety and quality management. Rudi has been a key element of the success of our operation."
Former Group General Representative China, TOTALENERGIES
"The training is incredible valuable, as it provides a much better foundation than just reading about the concepts alone. An ideal mix of theory and application."
Maria Iacob
"We found Rudi's industry knowledge to be both insightful & educational to our readers, so much so that we have asked Rudi to become a regular contributor to both our magazines."
Greg Emmenis
"Rudi is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and is always looking at fun and innovative ways to deliver his message. He is inspirational and highly motivated."
Bonita Nightingale
Senior Chemical Tanker Market Analyst, MSI
petchem premium


/ Student

Become an expert in the liquid bulk & chemical supply chain. Get premium if you want to study 100% online.

petchem pro(promotion)


/ Student

Further enhance your online training with a private virtual session. Limited time offer, normal price $999!

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