for professionals in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain

Understand the risks associated with your supply chain and operations, and design the steps necessary to protect people, environment, assets and reputation.

HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) is a crucial part of a sustainable business in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain.

During this training, you will learn how to develop a safety culture, implement safety management systems and prepare your business to deal with what-if scenarios in case something goes wrong.

Many companies either have lack of resources for HSEQ or would like to review their current set-up. We are here to share experience and help you to develop best practices.

This is an interactive training involving participants with Q&A and exercises.

After completion participant will receive a certificate of participation and a printed syllabus with course material.

A full program outline is provided in the contents section.

DAY 1:

Module 1: Supply chain sustainability
Introduction and the importance of a sustainable supply chain.

Module 2: HSE culture
The safety culture of a company starts with our attitude towards it! Learn how to develop and improve yours.

Molule 3: Safety management systems
Learn about safety management sustems, safety management for transport and storage, and transport risk assessment.

Module 4: Crisis handling tabletop exercise
Practical exercise to review and evaluate your current crisis management capabilities.

DAY 2:

Module 5: Crisis response
Learn about incident notification, chemical emergency response level 1, 2 & 3 for a quick activation and risk management.

Module 6: Crisis communication
Good communication during a crisis is a critical business continuity component. Get ready for when the worst happens.

Module 7: Contingency planning
Contingency planning is developing responses and a good plan B in advance for various situations that might impact business.


This program is for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.

-Increasing and maintaining knowledge
-Implementing best HSEQ practices
-Working towards continuous improvement
-Committing to responsible care
-Staying ahead of the competition
-Improving employee skills
-Finding synergies
-Keeping up with industry changes
-Increasing job satisfaction
-Providing internal promotion opportunities

-HSEQ professionals
-Supply chain professionals
-Logistics professionals
-Shipping & chartering manager
-Traders & commercial professionals
-Ship owners
-Tank terminal operators
-Tank container operators
-Flexitank operators
-Trucking companies

No specific prior education is required.

This course is a two-day in-house training provided at your business premises anywhere in the world, for between 3 and 12 people on dates to suit your needs.

After an in-company training we assist our clients to put together an actionable plan.

From time to time we arrange training courses at our training centers in Breda and Taipei,.

You can find our upcoming schedule here.

Rudi Stalmans, Managing Director of ener8 and the program trainer, uses a practical teaching approach based on his extensive work experience with an oil and chemical major, one of the largest tank terminal operators in the world, a global chemical shipbroker and logistics companies. Rudi has experience in parcel tanker shipping and barging, tank containers, flexitanks, forwarding services, tank storage, chemical warehousing and secondary distribution services.

HSEQ has always been a priority and an important part of Rudi’s career.¬†While in Asia, he has been a fervent promoter of the implementation of HSEQ standards in the region.

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