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All the Features: Course - "Virtual HSEQ Training" - live private training provided in 2 sessions of 3 hours each, and a crisis handling tabletop-style assignment TOP - schedule on appointment to suit your time - certificate of completion REWARD Course fee for private individual virtual training 999 US$ only (Pricing for Teams available upon request)



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"I learned all of this the hard way over more than 20 years in the industry, but the beautiful part for you is that you don't need to spend so much time, money and effort and can learn it all now by simply following my virtual HSEQ course." Rudi Stalmans - Course Trainer Managing Director at ener8


session 1

3 hours live online training

Supply chain sustainability - Review why managing suppliers, site operations, distribution, and customers have become key in creating a sustainable business.
HSEQ culture - Effective risk management depends partly on the behavior of individuals in an organization. Learn how to develop and improve a company's safety culture.
Safety management systems - Acquire the skills to create and implement step-change improvements in safety without large-scale disasters to drive them. Crisis dynamics - Every organization is vulnerable to crises. Understand the dynamics of a crisis so you can improve your preparedness.
session 2

3 hours live online training

Crisis response - Find out how to implement a robust emergency response capability for a chemical and hazardous goods supply chain.
Crisis communication - Learn the basics of how to communicate effectively during a crisis and increase trust with all stakeholders. Contingency planning - It is important to develop responses in advance for various situations that might impact business. Increase knowledge on how to draw up a contingency plan. Commitment to Responsible Care - Drive continuous improvement in safe chemicals management and achieve excellence in HSEQ.

test yourself TABLETOP

Crisis handling exercise - This tabletop-style crisis handling exercise is to test what you have learned in session 1 and to prepare yourself for session 2. Your estimated workload is around 3 hours. Crisis handling scenario review - Review and describe a crisis scenario involving hazardous goods. Brainstorm - brainstorm about how to (1) prepare & protect, (2) respond, (3) recover, and (4) mitigate. Analyze - Review strengths and weaknesses and define an action plan.


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