Account Profile

You can find your student account by clicking the “Account” menu at the top of the page.

You can reset your password in your student account.  In your student account, select account, and then change your password.

Sorry, you cannot reset your username.


You can contact support at support@ener8.com

Getting Started

You can access your ener8 course from various devices, on both PC and Mac desktops & laptops, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Minimum system requirements:

-The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

-A broadband connection with a minimum speed of 4Mbit.

-Access to watch Youtube and Vimeo.

You can begin the course whenever you like.

There are no deadlines to complete your course. Even after you complete the course you will continue to have access to it throughout the lifetime of the product, and provided that your account’s in good standing, and ener8 continues to have a license to the course. Lifetime access means the lifetime of the product. Lifetime access does not include access to the course instructor.


New content is gradually released during the first month from the time of sign up.  So, you are able to complete the training within one month, but with lifetime access you can take as long as you want to complete the course.

Course Taking

You can access your course(s) in your student account in the courses section or by clicking the orange My Courses button at the top of each page.

Log into your student account and go to the courses section.  Select your course and click on the first unit to start. 

Often internal and external resources are made available in units, like PDFs, templates or videos, as a means to enhance the learning experience of the course. Downloadable files can be downloaded to your computer and viewed, while other resources can be viewed via provided external URLs.

Each unit has a quiz section for quizzes, surveys, or assignments. Quizzes, surveys, and assignments are used to engage you and to ensure that you are retaining knowledge and key concepts throughout your course.

Certificate of Completion

When all the modules of your course have been completed, you will be able to download your certificate.

No. Certificates are created using our template and are downloadable as .pdf file so that you can easily share your accomplishment.

Certificates of completion help demonstrate your accomplishments, but please note ener8 is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

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