Supply chain excellence maturity check

Start taking the first step towards a resilient and sustainable liquid bulk & chemical supply chain today and apply your Supply Chain Excellence Maturity Scan.

Do you have a resilient and sustainable supply chain in place needed for business growth and profit?

Request our unique Supply Chain Excellence Maturity Scan and discover where your supply chain stands and what you need to do to become world-class in supply chain resilience and sustainability. We will measure your supply chain excellence maturity level against several critical factors through videos, questionnaires, and a live interview.

We will measure your maturity level against a set of critical factors:

Strategy –> Do you have a clear supply chain strategy in place with clear objectives and tactics to meet your goals?

People –> What is the level of expertise available and to what extent is your organization involved in supply chain management?

Processes –> What processes are in place to plan, source, make, and deliver your supply chain?

Technology –> What tools, databases, and technologies do you utilize to conduct market intelligence, measure, and manage your supply chain?

Continuity planning –> What capabilities do you have in place to anticipate supply chain disruptions, respond, and recover from them?

Safety culture –> What is the level of your safety culture at all levels of the organization?

Safety management systems –> What are the safety management systems you have in place for your business and supply chain?

Crisis response –> How well prepared are you to respond to a crisis situation such as incidents and accidents?

Crisis communication –> How well prepared are you to communicate with all stakeholders during a crisis?

Contingency planning –> Do you have a tested contingency plan in place and does it cover all potential scenarios?

ESG –> Do you have an ESG framework around the elements of environment, social, and governance in place to drive change and create value?

As a result of the Supply Chain Excellence Maturity Scan, you will receive a detailed presentation of the outcome. We will go through the results together and discuss your best next steps to develop a resilient and sustainable supply chain for growth.

Rudi Stalmans, Managing Director ener8

Maturity Scan


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Test the resilience and sustainability of your liquid bulk & chemical supply chain, and immediately put in place an actionable plan.

See what the industry is saying…

"Rudi is an absolute pro and helped us establish our early supply chains in Asia Pac region!"
Rachel Brenc
Chief of Staff to the CEO, LANZATECH
"Rudi has a very wide scope of expertise from supply chain and shipping, to safety and quality management. Rudi has been a key element of the success of our operation."
Former Group General Representative China, TOTALENERGIES
"We found Rudi's industry knowledge to be both insightful & educational to our readers, so much so that we have asked Rudi to become a regular contributor to both our magazines."
Greg Emmenis
"Rudi is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and is always looking at fun and innovative ways to deliver his message. He is inspirational and highly motivated."
Bonita Nightingale
Senior Chemical Tanker Market Analyst, MSI
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